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air max running 2016

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How Twitter changed the world

Send a letter of complaint, wait 28 days, get fobbed off, Nike Air Max 2017 Black feel oh so alone.

That was the old way, but now we can whinge, in real time, at companies if they're not up to scratch and firms live in fear of a complaint going viral.

Whether it's getting rid of offensive t shirts, or forcing "gay best friend" dolls to be removed, there's no faster way for consumers to well and truly kick off.

Meanwhile, on the financial markets, many have started using social media to predict the future value of businesses.

But since then he's joined the service, as have most leading politicians.

Twitter has cemented itself as a digital soapbox, and a place for politicians to engage directly with people making major announcements along the way.

Social media not just Twitter is so important to politics that ahead of his re election, US president Barack Obama hired a specialist team dedicated to analysing tweets and status updates across America.

When he won over Republican rival Mitt Romney, it was this tweet of President Obama hugging his wife that broke records as the most retweeted ever.

Another oft Nike Air Max 2017 Black retweeted classic Nike Air Max 2017 Mens came via shadow chancellor Ed Balls who, while trying to search for mentions of himself, accidentally tweeted, simply: "Ed Balls". Now, every year, thousands come together to mark the event by celebrating Ed Balls Day, a nationwide in joke that the MP describes as "baffling".

Twitter can't win elections on its own, of course, but it is arguably one of the most effective campaign tools particularly in reaching voters that are unlikely to pay attention to a party political broadcast.

But there is scope for abuse.

Be it a tweet about the raid that discovered Osama Bin Laden, or a plane on the Hudson River, tweets are regularly the starting point for news stories even if, as is often the case, the story is about a celebrity's bum.

Newsrooms the world over have taken to social media, using it as both a source, but also a broadcast platform. Newsrooms are awash with positions that simply didn't exist five years ago.

In fact, social media has become so important to journalists that sometimes they need to be reminded not to give stories away. "Always pass breaking news lines to the news desk before posting them on social media networks," read one email from editors at Sky Nike Air Max 2017 News to their staff.

The real challenge, of course, is to make sure what is tweeted is in fact true and news organisations don't always get it right.

Everything from doctored photographs to fake accounts can cause havoc if not properly verified. One famous example involved Wendi Deng, former wife of Rupert Murdoch, who was cited by many sources as saying various things on Twitter despite the fact it wasn't actually her.

Twitter also has a habit of killing people off. Hugh Hefner, Jon Bon Jovi and Morgan Freeman have all met their grisly ends on Twitter, only to rise from the dead not long after.

Actor Jeff Goldblum has had the worst of it rumours of his death reached such a level that he was compelled to appear on American television to cheerfully deliver his own eulogy.

"No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me," he said. "He was not only a friend and a mentor, but he was also. me."It would be cruel, but not without some merit, to suggest that a large number of footballers are better seen and not heard.

Nevertheless, in the English Premier League (EPL), all 20 clubs are now on Twitter, with more than half of all first team players having verified accounts.

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