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air max nike running

Сообщение sonyaany » 23 сен 2016 13:04

People are already betting on Roger Nike Air Max 2017 Mens Federer

A British bookmaker is proving that you can, indeed, bet on everything. In the hours after Roger Federer announced that his wife Mirka had theirsecond set of twins, Ladbrokes started taking action on the Wimbledon future of the family Federer.

1. Any of the Federer children to win a Wimbledon Male or Female singles title (100/1)

Pete Sampras first child was installed at 150/1 to win Wimbledon. When Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf had their first child in 2001, oddsmakers pegged him at 500/1. So, on one level, you have to like the value you getting at 100/1 2017 Nike Air Max with four Federers. Mirka no Steffi Graf, but she was an accomplished tennis player. (She and Roger met while competing Nike Air Max 2017 Mens inthe 2000 Olympics.)Warning:There a small chance we may have overanalyzed this novelty betting.

2. Any combination of the Federer children to win a Wimbledon doubles title (33/1)

Mirka and the four year old Federer twins wait at the Australian Open.

This would be the twins playing mens or womens doubles or a combination playing mixed. And it only 33/1? That insane. Those are the same odds Aga Radwanska is getting to win the French Open! Andy Murray is a bigger underdog to win Nike Air Max 2017 at Roland Garros! I mean, Murray isn any good on clay, but at least he a professional tennis player who is taking part in theevent and has already gone through kindergarten.

3. Federer/Federer vs Federer/Federer to be a mixed doubles final at Wimbledon (10,000/1)

Can you imagine two sets of twin playing a mixed doubles final at Wimbledon? Just think of the Parent Trap possibilities.

ESPN Chris Fowler says the maximum wager on the 10k to 1 bet is $17, which is crazy a crazy investment opportunity, that is. Did you ever wish you could go back to 1976, become friends with Steve Jobs and get points on Apple? This is basically the same thing.

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