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ray ban outlet au

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Wagga family of eight finds new home

WAGGA WAGGA: Family setting themselves up for a brighter future following desperate search for somewhere to live.

Theo Burton (left), Rebbecca Fullwood, Elaina Fullwood, Thomas Burton, Christopher Fullwood, Jenniffer Fullwood and Emmilly Fullwood were remaining hopeful they'd find a new rental property to call home when they spoke to The Daily Advertiser earlier this month. About two weeks ago they found one on the outskirts of Tarcutta, where they only pay $200 a week rent. Picture: Kieren L Tilly

Rebbecca Fullwood and her partner Thomas Burton who have six children between them feared they'd end up on the street as medical costs and unpaid water bills they say they weren't told about forced them into a fight for survival.

At the start of the month, the family were struggling to find a rental property and coming to terms with the possibility they'd be homeless.

Following a desperate plea in The Daily Advertiserto find somewhere to live, the family recently moved into a five bedroom farm house about 10km outside Tarcutta where they don't have to pay Ray Ban Outlet Online a bond and aren't locked into a lease.

How The Daily Advertiser report the family's plight on September 6.

Having paid $390 a week for their Tolland rental property they were willing to pay $400 Ray Ban Outlet a week for a four bedroom place somewhere in the city.

Now, they've found a home for just $200 a week.

"We were actually hoping for something out of town, for the kids," mum Rebbecca Fullwood said.

"We've just got to get used to Ray Ban Outlet Online not going to town so regularly, it's just a whole life change."

Ms Fullwood described the owners of their new home as "absolutely fantastic".

"They read the (Advertiser) article and rang me up the next day," she said.

"Everyone (in Wagga) was keen to help, but it would take two or three weeks to get applications done and we didn't have the time."

Ms Fullwood said Ray Ban Outlet it had been a difficult transition for the family to make on limited money, but described the move as a positive one.

"It pretty much left us with nothing," Ms Fullwood said.

"It hasn't been too much of a drama moving, just the money factor.

"We've been able to do it . there was no other option."

The family are still behind on their bills and hope to have the their old home completely cleaned up today.

"We hope in a couple of months we'll be able to catch up (on outstanding costs)," she said.

The move has also helped the community they now call home, with the children boosting the enrolment at Tarcutta Public School from 10 to 14.

Source: The Daily Advertiser

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